Rising Generation

Although a particular man-made doctrinal construction may have been considered as ‘orthodox’ by one generation, it will need to be reestablished by the next if it is to regain and maintain credibility and usage.
From the Tallskinnikiwi blog, defending the emerging church

Recently, after leaving a youth gathering with the Jesus Army, I tweeted “Phenomenal! Just left a gatherin of 80 on-fire-4-Jesus youth. God’s presence powerful, we took ground in faith 4 #realandwild“.

We’d been worshipping, battle-praying, and generally getting fired up for a summer jam-packed with our flavour of gospel, multimedia, evangelistic events. The atmosphere? I’d describe it as the roar of a train through a tunnel, God’s presence was so with us, and we all felt it.

Which brings me back to my first quote by Tinysmallkiwi, above. The first generations of our Church gave a phenomenal amount for an amazing vision, particularly for residential christian community, our all-things-in-common lifestyle.

The culture is now in place, but the cogs seem to be running maybe too smoothly these days. To us in the third generation of this Church movement, it can seem that maintenance is our only objective. More and more, we’re seeing the need to give ourselves wholeheartedly to wherever our God-pointed feet take us.

God is taking this generation forward. He’s challenging us to have a faith with which we will invest all our substance in His Kingdom.

Exciting times.


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