Our Mini RAW (Real And Wild) event

A couple of weekends ago, roughly 40 of us young lads held our own mini-RAW.
(For details on the big Jesus Army Real And Wild event, click here)

Here’s a few of the photos:

Friday afternoon – setting up
By camping together at NC Farm (one of our largest residential community houses), we got a taste of what it’s gonna be like in the big RAW event in Birmingham.

Friday 10pm-3am
On Friday night we kicked things off by heading off into London’s Leicester Square for a spot of street outreach. We gave out hot choc & cake, prayed for people, handed out red crosses (surprisingly popular) and sang request songs to passers-by!

Saturday all day
The weekend combined physical challenge (lads love letting out the ‘RAAARGH’!) with some spiritually strengthening stuff, including workshops in the morning.

Sunday 7:30am
Jesus’ call to the cross was made central to the weekend, as we took turns to carry a heavy, rough wooden cross a couple of miles to…

…an over-water assault course!

…which we had to complete (successfully or wetfully) to get our breakfast.

So, all in all, a well worthwhile weekend. The morale was upbeat, the challenge was stark and the fun was fantastic. Tired but inspired, as they say.

So, roll on Real And Wild 2010.


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