Cool air, warm heart

Tonight, the air is cool. I’ve eked out a little niche in the bustle of life, simply to sit, and listen. I’m sat in the office of the countryside Christian Community house where I live (River Farm), with the glowing, fading, washed blue light of dusk. It’s time to reflect.

Photo courtesy of the earth says hello

This weekend’s Jesus Army big bash, a marquee based festival, has been full on.

For me the weekend’s highlights included co-running our 13s-19s youth group, ‘JA Youth’, in which we made bread and soup, made tables (we actually made them, didn’t just lay cutlery), and shared a communion meal together. A food fight was narrowly avoided. Such is our youth!
  The worship in the events was raucously sublime (seriously, I still think I’m under-exaggerating), with a few new, catchy, passionate songs, reflecting on God’s wonderfulness in the face of our weakness.
  The most encouraging aspect of all, though, was the air of unity, the sense of a shared purpose amongst us all in that marquee.

So, this may be the last happy-tiredness I feel before properly commencing the frenzied preparations for Real And Wild (our proper big youth event in August), and I’d just like to say I’m overwhelmed to be living this life for Jesus, amongst the company of such close friends, brothers.

By the way, my first blog post on this blog, from March, featured in the latest edition of Jesus Life, the Jesus Army’s mag! See it here (near the back).

Join in.


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