So, who pays for all this?

“If we really loved like Jesus does, capitalism would be impossible and Marxism would be unnecessary.”
Shane Claiborne

So, who pays for all this? That was the question I was asked recently. I’ve been asked that a few times.

I’ll explain. A friend, visiting from Nigeria for the annual Multiply Leader’s Conference, asked this about our shared lifestyle, namely New Creation Chrisitan Community.

Sitting around after Thursday night’s BBQ at my house, with 50 or so friends and family milling around in the cool of the evening, he asked the question. “Who pays for all this?”. The Multiply delegates had been touring around some of our Church-run businesses, and staying with us in our houses for a few days. “Well, we do!” was the simple reply.

Sometimes, it takes an outsider’s perspective to bring home to us again just how amazing this ‘Acts 2’ based lifestyle is, sharing our houses and meals, our friendship and money, our joys and our tears. So easily we lose sight of the preciousness of what we daily demonstrate in a selfish world.

I love it!


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