Conformist Revolutionaries? Sitting Rats?

I rant against poxy revolutionaries. My remonstration’s rising.

Almost all revolutions have been militarily orientated:

The repressed rise up against their repressors, become the new repressors in a new order and in turn end up repressing. The old world system of death, poverty and the inequality of filthy riches can’t be overcome by a mere shuffling of the social cards.

The basic values of communism, of defying the West’s self centered lifestyle by sharing as a ‘commune’ for the common good was a great idea, but the human heart remained the same. Selfishness set in, millions died for and because of the cause though only a few really gained. Not good for the people, or the cause; a complete massacre. People ended up rebelling against the horrors of communism, hence another revolt.
Rats in the ratrace stopped running. But they were still rats.

So, what’s needed? In steps Jesus.

In steps Jesus into our heart, turning it one hundred and eighty degrees, a total turn around from our nature to his, changed from the core outwards. Firstly, this is a revolution of the heart, and irrepressibly springing from that is a revolution of lifestyle. This Jesus Revolution is a revolutionary revolution in that it’s completely different to any other. Gain by giving. Lower yourself, learn to walk humbly with others, preferring other people to yourself, and others will do the same for you. Leaders serve, wash their follower’s feet. This is a revolution that wins by the love of the changed hearts it is carried in. Therefore, death for this cause is of value because it is a potently altruistic love that completely gives up itself for others- “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends (words of Jesus)”. Altruism beats egotism.

However, so many Christians who claim to walk this path, who would sincerely say they live for Jesus, are mere ‘hobbyist revolutionaries’, to whom the health of their local church is not an issue of life or death to them but merely a decent idea. Fight the evil one by living completely outside of his dominion, and live wholly for God: in lifestyle, with all your money and in every spare minute of the day. Calling others out into Gods’ counter-culture where it’s not ‘me’ but ‘us’, not ‘mine’ but ‘ours’, not ‘my life to live’ but Christ’s. This is called the revolutionary Jesus brotherhood culture, and it goes deeper than any other bonds of friendship.

You’ll settle with a new year’s resolution, a little bettering of yourself? Something to make you feel nice?

Sorry we only do revolutions.
All or nothing.


2 thoughts on “Conformist Revolutionaries? Sitting Rats?

  1. It is the same rhetoric that I have heard for years, Jesus do not judge yet you insinuate that christians who do not live as you do dont have the same commitment

  2. I chose to publish that comment to clarify that I didn't refer to my particular lifestyle as superior. Take my reference to the 'revolution of lifestyle' to mean the lifestyle advocated by Jesus, not necessarily by me, as I'm imperfect. This 'revolution of lifestyle' is followed by many honest Christians all around the globe. My intention was to provoke, but I hope you took it as a spurring challenge, rather than a slagging-off.

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