Thank God; they nearly died

Shock. Do you know the feeling? The cold shiver down the spine when you hear the sudden bad news, the chilling stillness, an empty, quiet hole waiting to be filled with grief…

An email popped into my inbox on Friday:

Danny Driscoll and Ian Jolly involved in car crash on A5. Ian is walking. Danny being cut out of the car.
No more info yet since 8.54am.

I know both these chaps. A dog stepped out into the road, and Danny swerved at 60mph and hit Ian, travelling in his van in the opposite direction at 50mph. That’s a combined speed of 110mph! Miraculously after prayers from most of the Church, Ian walked out of his van, and once Danny was cut out and taken to hospital (the car was a mangled wreck, seatbelt snapped, both vehicles written off), the hospital reported no broken bones! They’re both recovering well, but they nearly died.

Listening to Bebo Norman’s ‘One Bright Hour’ about God’s hope in our sorrow inspired me to write my own poem:

I heard the news the other day
Your only Son was swept away
He drained the dirt of death from broken Earth.
The beautiful catastrophe
Your bleeding heart hooked on a tree
Your bitter wrath was melt to molten love

I heard the news the other day
My brother nearly rent away
Did you require our hearts to break so suddenly?
Our silent prayers of grief turned to
A thankfulness and trust in You
Again we see your Father’s love for sons.

Thankyou, Father, for the power of brotherhood.


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