Celebration of v2.0

English countryside. A hill. Orchards, cows and a canal running in the valley below. Top of the hill, farm buildings. Tall pine trees, a farmhouse. A victorian red bricked farmhouse, a long treelined driveway up the hill. The lights are on, people on the grass outside. Lots of people. Let’s go inside.
A racket fills the air! What’s this? They’re singing! Drums, guitars, and happy faces. Sixty, no, eighty happy faces. People sitting, standing around, empty dinner plates. What a party! And we do it every week.

This is our weekly friendship meal, and it’s not always as raucus as I’ve described. Last night, we met in this fashion, and Simeon and I (who led the evening mealtime) both felt that a “new creation celebration” was God’s intended theme for the night.

After the meal I spoke about birthdays. The first man to be born, Adam, the original human, was the pinnacle of creation, the father of humanity. Of course he and his Misses mucked up; that’s simply ‘free-will’ in action. In stepped Jesus, as a “new Adam”. Jesus is God. He is also human v2.0. He’s the new example to live up to, and in him, a whole new family was born, a new culture. That’s what we celebrated last night, the birth of a new, different culture. We celebrated that we don’t have to aspire to the damagingly selfish norms of lifestyle we see all around us, but rather be made into v2.0 humans.

Jesus said anyone could join in, anyone could find freedom. Jump in.


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