Let’s beat up a lion, yeah!

We went gamboling in the woods on Monday night. Six of us chaps chipped off in a car to our (secret) wooded valley and set about collecting firewood. Sprinting down the winding leafy path over bridges and under vines I felt like some jungle warrior, hunting lions or bears, or something. Grrr. On my way back, victoriously lugging my quarry (a log seat) through the woods to our bracken-cushioned spot, we were audaciously ambushed by another squadron of friends who’d come to join us to steal our burgers! Well, actually they joined us for fellowship, but that’s how it started when we met.

We call these our DGBs, or ‘Disciple Grow Bands’. We get together in these small groups a few times a year, meeting with others in similar situations (single blokes met with single blokes, married women with other married women etc). It’s a spiffing opportunity for heart talk, to get a perspective on life and feel supported by others of one’s own ilk.
Anyway, sitting on the aforementioned log with a couple of my closest ‘bros’, gazing into the crackling flames, Andy sitting next to me mused “this is what it’s all about, isn’t it?” This is what it’s all about, I agreed. This is Church! This is it. Friends, relaxed with one another and with God, sharing together and asking the difficult (and needful) questions, and praying for one another with genuine, unhidden concern & love. It’s also about a good burger.
Ok, that bit’s not theologically correct, but hey!
This is pretty much the core of what we’re about; as we call ourselves the Jesus Fellowship. It’s so good to be part of a brotherhood. I have ‘brothers’ who I know would walk the length of the country for me; I’d do the same for them. That’s rare. That’s the Kingdom.

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