A Solid Hope

These heavy eyes seem dazed
And in this seeming haze I see a day
On the distant horizon
When tears will be joy not pain
These eyes will learn to see again
And as we live in shaky days we realise
On the Jesus path truth pays
Cos we live for eternity
And on that great day we’ll turn and see
Throughout our history and our present mysteries
God’s held us strong
Be not cast down with misery!
Pressing times will come down the line
But together we’ll move on,
Things turn around.
This crown of covenant holds us
And though the sea’s divided
We’ve decided with Jesus
That through loss or pain we’ll remain
And be the Kingdom He died to gain

Life is full of sorrows and tears, it appears
That we don’t know what tomorrow will bring
But as we push though our sin
The imperfections within begin to dim
And in His Name we conquer and win
So easy to get disheartened, down
Not wearing His victor’s crown
Who holds us bound?
And the devilish doubts resound.
But God’s got bigger plans;
As we stand a flame is fanned
Fertilising what we thought was barren land
So all is not lost but comes at a cost
To which we must move on through the son
Who began it at the cross.

A year or so ago a dear friend, who’d lived and worked with us had to leave us for his homeland. As a farewell gift we wrote, recorded and mixed a rap for him, and shipped it over the seas to Malaysia on a CD. We’re no gangstaz, but he appreciated the novel and heartfelt gift.

Above is a snippet of that hope-filled poem (not my own writing). It speaks to me of the overruling hope of God, right in the middle of our deepest losses and doubts.


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