Jesus Army’s Big London Stomp

1100 of us went stomping in London last Saturday. This was the Jesus Army’s annual noisy, colourful ‘London Day’, when we took our passion to the streets of the Capital. It’s one of our major opportunities in the year to demonstrate that God is alive today, and so is His Church.

Here’s a snippet of the passion:

More photos on Flickr here.

Personally, these days for me create that rare mixture of thrill and downright tiredness! It’s the thrill at being part of such an amazing calling, part of such an amazing people that reach out to such a lost world, and it’s the tiredness at being on my feet, setting up props and dancing for several hours! I’m rarely as tired as at the end of one of these days, but boy, as the song goes, ‘I wouldn’t have it any other way’!


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