Lucky Are The Unlucky

…and unlucky are the seemingly lucky. Ok, today’s a difficult one.

09299-2954383166_a3175c9c5cI wrote this poem nearly two years ago, inspired directly by the words of Jesus. These words are so stark and sharp that they made me cringe when I read them again today. They totally ride against the grain of this world’s thinking, they sound incredibly damning and, quite frankly, seem simply impossible to live up to.

Then I remembered they’re the words of Jesus, and that changed it all. He’s not like my fears and doubts. He slowly and persistently makes the changes in us which he demands. He has already started changing my self-centered cold heart around, turning my face outwards and towards the pain of building relationships.

The scripture this poem is modelled on (Luke 6:20-26) starts with the words “Looking at his disciples, he said…” so this is definitely talking about us, not just those we meet.

Blesséd you poor, who can’t pay the rent
Blesséd you mourners, who weep and repent
Blesséd you meek, lowly of heart
Blesséd those hungry to be set apart
Blesséd you with mercy, compassion and grace
Blesséd you pure, for you’ll see His face
Blesséd the ones who pass on their peace
Blesséd those hated, they’ll join in the feast
For you will rise up as kings in His hand
You will inherit the promised new land

But woe to you rich, in comfort, in warmth
Woe to the full with bellies a-paunch
Woe to you laughing in the joy of your bounty
Woe to you lauded all over the county

For you’ve had your comfort, you’ve lived your life well
Be broken to shame, and languish in Hell

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