Two experiences to share with you:

This picture’s not at all relevant,
it’s just cool…

Last Saturday we had a work day together at home. Some old barns needed clearing out ready for our house move, so we hired a skip and lobbed away a lot of clutter. We also took the opportunity to do the odd jobs around the house that have been overdue for years, like painting the garden fence, fixing cupboard shelves, that sorta ting. I particularly enjoyed clearing the gutters on stilts! I wish I had a picture.

The experience is noteworthy because I was inspired by the wholesomeness of our togetherness, grafting for one another. We’ll be moving house in a few weeks, so it felt good to serve those who will inherit our house (another smaller Christian Community).

The second thing, well this is the main thing, really. A lad from Switzerland who’s been staying with us for a month (son of a friend’s mother’s cousin, or something) asked for prayer on Sunday night. He’s from a pretty quiet Church and didn’t really know much about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. On the way home in the car after receiving prayer he was crying softly to himself.

…this one’s a little more relevant

Once we arrived home one of my friends sat with him in his bedroom, listening to him, and he started crying too.

Moments like these are life affirming. If there’s any ‘proof’ of God’s existence it lies in this- that we can be changed, past our insecurities, fears and worse nature to love one another. It’s simply beautiful. Although my tears aren’t always tears of joy, I’m thankful.


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