Friends, Food and Finality

So, that was it. Last night we had our last large monthly friendship buffet at home, all 15 of us who live in the house, plus about 50 friends and family. We’re moving in a fortnight or so just up the road (see my old post) so the evening felt historical, and closing.

As well as a home, River Farm has been my spiritual birthplace, I have become a man here. In sharing my life and house with friends here I have learnt the beauty of living for others, the power of togetherness in Jesus and simply been blessed a stupid amount through it all. Looking back over these last four years the tears (friend’s struggles, friends dying, laughter, leavers) have drawn us together. Not perfect, but together.

And so, into the future. We’re renaming our new house ‘Anthem’. The name wasn’t my first choice but it’s grown on us all. ‘Anthem’ has guts. Anthem speaks of the victory of Jesus through life’s choppy waters. We’re a ship sailing for a phosphorescent future. Fantastic!


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