Fireside Epitaph Talk

The bonfire took a long time to catch last night in the woods. Once we got it going and were cotched around it on the floor we started discussing epitaphs – what we’d like ours to be, what we’d like to be remembered and loved for. In short- what we want to do with our lives.

Responses ranged from “much loved” and “a father to many”, to things like “helped people break fears” or “a zealous servant and lover of brotherhood”. Undeniably though, the overriding theme of all our suggestions was love.

We easily lose sight of the important things in life, and our hearts can easily get stretched and sidetracked in any multiplcity of directions away from the centre, stretched like blutack away from our calling, to love. It’s good to remember what we’re here for- to love God and love people.

“If we ain’t got love, we ain’t got nuffin!”

It’s true.


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