A perspective of intentional Christian community & Jesus Army

Friday 31st Dec

  1. Been working on the business website all day (small Church owned business HDA architecture). Interesting technical stuff but all a bit samey to be honest.
  2. I feel rough with the remains of a cough and was shattered by the time I get home. After tea while the other guys drive into Northampton to offer prayer and a listening ear on the streets I crawl into bed for a couple of hours.
  3. Get up to see the new year in once everyone’s back home. Twenty friends in lounge sharing hearts and plates. Beautiful.
  4. Around the room we’re sharing creative inspirations and discussing what we’d like to leave behind from 2010, and move into in 2011.
  5. Then hot choc around a bonfire, and washing up. The considerable downside of a midnight feast is finally finishing washing up at 2am!

    Saturday 1st Jan 2011

    1. National Jesus Army Celebration event all day, with a theme of ‘fresh faith, new anointing’, it’s been inspiring. I still feel under the weather (the cough has dragged on for two weeks) but push through somehow.
    2. While lying in bed trying to sleep I can’t help rhymes tumbling through my mind. I’m restless so I note some down on my phone- lines like “let’s let heaven schism our cynicism prison“, “let’s not drag down and domesticate the dream dreamed, the vision seen, the heartfelt longing for movement’s being“. Yeah the day’s been well inspiring!

      Sunday 2nd Jan

      • Today is Heart 600! Heart 600 is one of our special big Sunday night ‘Heart’ gospel events in Northampton town centre, and I’ve got lots of costumes to sort, people to organise and a drama practice to arrange. My cough is wearing off.
      • First up – stage performance of a song we jammed late one Saturday night. We’ve brought the djembe, a nylon guitar and a band of friends for backup (most of whom don’t know the tune!). It’s about brotherhood, with a famous line- “how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity“. I’m not sure how the song sounded but I’m assured it was ok.
      • Although we had one technical hiccup with the music in one item the night went well. The best events are the ones with the most responsive audience, and tonight there was a warm atmosphere.

      Monday 3rd Jan

      1. I look at the noticeboard again. “We’re leaving at 8:15am prompt” it screams. It’s 11:30 and still we’re waiting to leave in the minibus for some unknown moor for a day of brotherhood, frisbee and warm tea.
      2. Eventually we get organised enough to leave home, changing our intended destination of the Peak District for Stckgrove, Milton Keynes (below). It’s a good trip, but as I say the tea wasn’t up to scratch! (partly my fault).
      3. Back at home after dinner a couple of the guys found a little groove on the guitar, and a couple of lyrics started to flow. I think the song’s forming into something that could be used at this year’s youth event – Real And Wild. Smile-inducing creativity ensuing, watch this space!

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