The Power of Socks

We were up at 5:30am last Saturday morning to film a friend of ours, Sid, on the streets of Northampton. What were we doing up at that so-unsociable hour on a lie-in day?

We’re making a short film. It tells Sid’s story, his journey from a well-off deputy head of a private school and devout atheist, through alcohol induced messy homlessness and into faith and freedom.

Anyway, the film’s called ‘Socks’, and that’s the interesting part. The video starts with Sid’s intro: “Hi, I’m Sid, and this is how socks changed my life!”

The story centres around how little acts of kindness at the Northampton Jesus Centre impressed Sid and gave him hope, and made him want to get out of his desperate situation. It was some of the most ‘unamazing’ day to day charitable services that he received at the Jesus Centre that spoke the most to him. In particular, one time Sid says he was almost moved to tears because of the way that someone who handed him a pair of socks which he’d asked for had so carefully folded them! Strange but true.

We’re excited about this project as it’s a bit of a blank canvas. We’ve been inspired by the relaxed, interesting style of Rob Bell’s Nooma videos, and we’re getting plenty of inspiration from calm atmospheric music videos. Watch this space.

Read Sid’s story as it appeared in Jesus Life (free magazine).

P.S – you may have noticed this Blog’s been strangely silent for a while. A month ago I decided to find some silence by cutting out online entertainment and social networking, which of course included posting to this Blog. Cutting back on helped me to really enjoy friendships & get perspective. It’s been good to be away, and it’s good to be back.

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