Christian Community – Church At 1:33am

Christian community, 1:33am. He’s bricklaying, and he’s playing guitar. He’s cooking burgers and I’m drawing. Oh & he’s asleep.
(@honestjames, Sat 11 Jun)

Let me assure you, this is by no means a typical night in New Creation Christian Community, but it demonstrates a point.

I’d just got back from our Church’s video studio (see last post) and was about to head off up the wooden hill to Bedford when I  noticed the lights were still on in the big lounge downstairs. On investigating I encountered a little circle of guys sitting around chatting. One of them was strumming a guitar softly while another friend of mine worked artistic wonders with a pencil. A few guys chilling out together, nothing incredibly unusual.

However, my amusement turned to slightly blutterbunged wonderment when I spotted the floodlights outside. We’re building a BBQ which we hope to commission later this summer, and a couple of the guys had set up lights to keep laying bricks through the small hours. That’s not actually surprising in itself as we’re kinda known for our late night projects, but what gloppened me was the fact that there was a total of nine guys who had decided to stay up and hang around together. We weren’t all doing incredibly important things, it’s just that when brotherhood’s happening, sleep can wait!

This is why I love living in residential Christian Community; we love being together. Our friendships with each other and our friendship with God meet in the most practical way possible. We live our lives for God, therefore we live our lives for each other too. Yeah I know there’s other admirable ways to love your neighbour, but this lifestyle beats ’em all!

So, to finish: firstly, fortunately everyone was considerately quiet enough to not wake those who’d gone to bed at a reasonable time (life in Christian Community’s no utopia, we always have to consider one another).
And secondly, after I went to bed the lads finally turned in for the night at 3am, having made some decent progress on the (soon to be) magnificent BBQ.



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