The Only Just War

Listen to the audio piece that inspired this Blog post, by the Psalters:

War is evil, and injustice fuels every war. There’s never a fair, just or ‘holy’ war between anyone- from a rowing couple to the battle of the Somme.

Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial

However, war can be crucial to the welfare of governments and nations. A world leader or alliance of nations must sometimes engage his nation in war to protect the interests of his electorate. In an Earthly sense it can be ‘right’ (in a very funny sense of the word) for one people group to fight another’s evil. I’m glad Britain fought against Nazism, both for the sake of Britain and for all those that Hitler trampled- Jews, blacks and the mentally disabled. This is not to comment on the possible good or bad motives for recent wars but sometimes a horrible war is all that will stop an even worse flood of evil. War, although inherently evil, is needed to uphold Earthly governmental stability.

But war is evil. And so is this whole world’s corrupt system.

Here’s the sticking point. Jesus told us to love our enemies. He also said that:

My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place. (John 18:36 NIV)

The world’s principalities and powers are incompatible with the Kingdom of God, whether those powers are America, Britain, Sudan, Japan, Libya or Sweden, it’s all one fallen old-world system. The leader of any Earthly nation cannot both be a real Christian and also fully uphold the interests of his nation, as God’s interests are not this world’s interests.

I support the government of the UK and see it as part of God’s grace to us. However I’m foremost a citizen of another Kingdom, the only one which makes war on evil by turning the other cheek.

I will fight only one war, the war to see love trample hate. This is the only just war. This is why I’m proud to be a part of the Jesus Army.

What do you think?

For further reading see ‘Jesus Army. Bin Laden & the bad news‘ & Bin Laden – The Bad News.


What do you think?

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