Reasons For Loving Christian Community

Five people moved into our house on Saturday.

We spent the morning moving furniture by lorry for four of the five (a family) and after unloading and moving their furniture into their new rooms we sat down for a lazy tea break just before lunch. Picture the scene- about 12 guys (mostly young, but of various ages & backgrounds) sitting around on the back garden steps, having a laugh over a cuppa.

Then up pulled a car into our carpark and one of us twigged that it’s the mum and dad of the family moving in. Someone suggested we ‘do a tunnel’. So we spontaneously rushed through the house to the main door to meet them in two facing lines, trying our hardest to put on solemn faces.

They turned the corner and paused. We started cheering. And laughing. They walked the tunnel, and everyone was laughing. It felt so wholesome to welcome our new house family members with such an honouring.

So now I’d like to conclude with reasons #203 – #212 for loving Christian Community in the Jesus Army, with contributions from a few friends of mine:

Reason #203
Jesus shared his purse with his disciples. He was modelling His ‘new creation’ society.

Reason #204
It’s knowing I’m not alone in the struggles and highlights of my path to heaven.

Reason #205
In 2005, the average CEO in the US earned more in a day than the average worker earned in a year (according to the Economic Policy Institute). In Community owned businesses everyone earns the same wage, CEO to floor-scrubber. Actually, in principle the CEO shouldn’t shirk scrubbing the floor when it’s needed. Equality that works.

Reason #206
You get to live with great guys like these (well I have done anyway) :

Reason #207
You get to know who you really are and get to know others for who they really are.

Reason #208
Washing up (no, really!) Serving the brotherhood makes love real. Bigger hearts = better togetherness.

Reason #209
People give purpose to live for.

Reason #210
Community makes it possible to live for what’s lasting in this short-term consumerist world.

Reason #211
The Church door is always open.

Reason #212
After a good evening with friends, you don’t have to go home.


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