Marquee Festival Aug 2011 – A Photojournal

I’ve just got back to work after a busy week at our Church’s marquee. It was the last of our thrice yearly Festival weekends – three days of heaven on earth (plus mud, wasps and a little stress).

I took a week off to help set up & de-rig the tent, which this time was a particular challenge for the team as the tent’s been widened, so the goalposts have moved a bit and everything is heavier.

The theme this weekend was ‘the brotherhood Church’, and for me, the tent team was my brotherhood. I enjoyed being with so many friends and came away from last weekend’s event very encouraged, and glad to be able to serve & worship such a God as we have.

Stitching complete, last adjustments made before pull-up
Our marquee reminds me of a ship, with masts, rigging & sails.
A ship sailing for a phosphorescent future.
Up go the flagpoles
Courtesy of Julie Doyle
Courtesy of Julie Doyle
Courtesy of Julie Doyle
Courtesy of Fabio Cunha
The lightning-fast derig begins
Just skin and bones, the tent finally awaits dismantling

You should join us sometime for a Jesus Army marquee festival.


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