Out the back door into Eden…

The sight that greeted me this morning

We belong in Eden. Sounds funny doesn’t it?

The thing is, I know the scene in this picture. The apple trees are oversized and under-picked, consequently rotting fruit litters the floor, which attracts wasps. And the bench? I think it may still be sittable. I’ve got so used to the scene that until this morning I had forgotten what a beautiful place our garden can be. The garden in my memory wasn’t as pretty as the real garden was this morning, soaked in misty sunrise.

The grind of life wears our eyes thin and the ‘realities’ of Earth become more real to us than the Realities of eternity. Working out living the Kingdom of Heaven often feels less like ‘heaven on earth’ and more like all-out warfare! Loving people is tough when our old selfish nature finds it so hard to concede defeat. This quote puts it better than I can:

To be above with the saints we love, oh that will be such glory.
But to be below with the saints we know, now that’s a different story!

But every so often something comes along and wipes a little of the mist off the dim glasses we wear that are sometimes called ‘reality’ or ‘cynicism’. Every so often we see life for what it is- a fleeting opportunity to serve and love before real life begins, on the other side of eternity, in Eden’s garden city.

Don’t forget. It makes it all worthwhile.


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