Epic Weekend Report #2

Last weekend a few of my friends went to the curiously named Y-Not festival up in the Peak District. What they did was incredibly simple but they saw a constant stream of astonished people.

Other than tents and a camper van for accommodation they went with just a gazebo, four chairs, a sign saying ‘FREE HEALING’ and a confidence in the power of Jesus. None of them would mind me saying they aren’t particularly super heroes, by the way.

The following account is spliced together from a few texts sent by the guys on the ground at the festival at different points over the weekend and conversations since. It doesn’t read wholly chronologically as the texts were from different times but it’ll give you a feel for what happened.

“Amazing stuff happening here at the festival. They sold 10k tickets, so for a small festival it’s pretty packed. We’re camped next to some friendly travellers who look after us. The site is slowly turning into a mudbath because of the rain.

“We had around 70 people ask for healing yesterday and very nearly all of them were instantly healed. Many of them are really shocked (as are we although we’re beginning to get used to it, but it’s always special).
“One girl who we prayed for turned to leave saying “yeah, and I’ve still got a headach…actually…oh my God!” We’ve seen a broken arm healed (the girl really wasn’t too happy about it, she was on a trip anyway and it freaked her out), injured knees and elbows restored, arthritis healed and lots of bad backs and headaches healed. Earlier a middle aged lady was released from unforgiveness and then released from arthritis and pain in her hands. Just seen a very large swelling and immobility in a girl’s knee disappear.

“A very sceptical medical student was left quite bemused when the pain in his lower back disappeared. A guy called Lee who was watching him said he suffered from depression and asked for prayer. While we prayed he said he felt very dizzy which he thought was f***ing weird, then couldn’t remember why he felt depressed and felt detached from what had troubled him. We got a chance to tell him about God’s care for him.

“Just had a whole crowd of lads here with various pains and problems which were instantly healed one after the other and some were visibly shaken by it. The lads came back later to tell us that after they left they’d gotten really hungry but didn’t have any money at the time. They concluded that if they’d been healed by Jesus he should be able to get them some food, so they prayed together. A couple of minutes later a lady wandered up to them and started handing out free food! Whenever a group of friends come in together we get them to join in praying for each other.
“We prayed for a young guy called Max who had pain in his knee which clicked while we prayed. He came back to say the knee was completely fine and he was really blown away. We explained that it was the power of God and a sign of His great love for him. He asked for more prayer and we got to pray for his future. He says he’ll be back tomorrow.
“A handful of people who are open and have a lovely vibe have lingered or come back.

“Even the rain is in our favour- people come to shelter from it then ask what we’re doing, remember that they need healing, get healed and then listen to us talk about the kingdom of God until it stops raining.

“We decided to call it a night just before 2am after being on our feet for nearly 16 hours. It was a bit hard to drop off as we’re right next to a music tent, and they went on for a long time after.”

From Thursday to Sunday they prayed for about 160 people, with 3/4 of them instantly healed (about 120). The majority of the remainder were people who couldn’t tell if they were healed at the time (like the person had chronic back pain which didn’t happen to hurt when they started praying), and 4 or 5 people weren’t healed at all.

Over the weekend I showed a friend one of the texts from the festival and he wondered “why does that kind of thing never happen to me?”, which funnily enough reminded me of how one of the guys who was at the festival doing the stuff used to sound.

Possibly related to all these events two days ago someone called Sadie tweetedI just remembered Chaz tried to heal Rachel’s jaw “like the jesus army” last night. Oh life.” Yesterday the Jesus Army replied with “How’d it go? Did Rachel’s jaw get better? :)” to which Sadie replied “it did!

Over the last year I’ve seen videos of miracles on the streets in America, videos of Americans healing on Britain’s streets and now there’s folk I live with doing the stuff. 
Let’s be confident that when Jesus gave us authority to heal the sick and raise the dead he meant it, and he still means it today.


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