A paltry glimpse of real life, on the other side of death, on the New Earth.


Two hearts beating, God and humanity
The cacophony becomes a harmony
06f4f-maranatha-grass3Joined in the blood of God-as-a-man

It is finished
Life has been lived
Life is ready to be lived
There’s work to be done, my son
Swords beaten into ploughshares
These are all harvest years
Perfect in ability
Restful in activity
This love shares
A world full of care without any cares
No host for hostility,
Only hope. This universal community
Works as one and sings our only song
Always nuanced always new

God smiles.
Reconciled, man smiles.
Each one exclusively included
Naked without care
No awkwardness here
Rivers of joy
Running through your hair
Touch, feel, drink
Let’s go discover
Wild adventure
The Kingdom is here


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