People Are Purpose

Hello my lovelies.

This is a photojournal post so this isn’t going to be very heavily worded and philosophical, that was last week. However I have one thought to share.

Here’s a sweeping and highly prejudiced broad-brush statement: the act of blogging one’s life publically can encourage a certain narcissism, a constant ‘me’ tone of voice. That’s ironic considering that the reason I started this blog was to speak up for the power of brotherhood, a lifestyle of sharing, a very ‘we’ lifestyle. That still is our focus.

So I thought I’d post a little photo album as I don’t tend to feature in photos taken by me (spot the three exceptions). These photos are snapshots of all things ‘we’ from my life over the last three months. Enjoy.

Food fuels friendship
Wedding reception of two friends. They’ve moved in to our shared house in fact.
This photo was taken at another of our Church’s shared houses.
More food.
Making stuff together, like cakes…
…or chicken coops.
Arriving. Lots of friends and family on stage at a Church event
demonstrating the transformative power of brotherhood relationships
Soaking in the sunset
One of my favourite occupations- mucking around with a bonfire

What do you think?

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