The Three Mighty Men Small Youth Group Game

David had some right mighty geezers.

Living on the run from a corrupt king who wanted him dead David found many fugitives drawn to him. These rough guys grew immensely loyal to him and became legendary for their courage and strength.

2 Samuel 23 tells the story of one daring exploit that makes for a potent portrayal of brotherhood, loyal love and self sacrifice. Encamped in a stronghold near an opposing army’s camp (probably a cave) David craved some water from the well of his hometown, Bethlehem, which was on the other side of the opposing camp. A few of his guys overheard his wistful utterances so they made a plan- invade the enemy camp, get a wineskin of water from the well and fight their way back through with it. So they did, apparently.

When they returned with this surprise gift for David he was flabbergasted. Taking the skin he poured it out on the floor of the cave. “The Lord forbid that I should do that,” he said. “Isn’t this the blood of men who risked their lives?” David felt unworthy of their sacrificial loyalty, and offered it as an act of worship to God.

I told this story to our lad’s group one night and I spoke of the loyalty, courage and brotherhood that Jesus builds amongst us as we lay our lives down for him and for one another.

That night we invented a game that’s become very popular with the lads, we’ve played it many times since. It’s called Three Mighty Men and it’s a variant of Capture The Flag games.

There are two teams with the ‘three mighty men’ on one team and everyone else on the other, which is the ‘opposing army’ (which should be larger in number, like six or eight strong). The three mighty men go out first and hide something in the woods surrounding our back garden, like a high viz jacket or something, while the other team wait in the house with the curtains closed. The three mighty men come back to the house and give the opposing army two minutes to occupy the land. The three mighty men then have to get what they’ve hidden without getting caught (if they do they’re dead) and get it back to ‘the well’ in the centre of the garden (which is actually a forlorn flowerbed).

Great fun. Let me know how it goes if you try this game out.


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