Wales Trip Developments – Running Through Sprung Doors


A few weeks ago I wrote about my amazing mission to a man on a mountain, which ended with a pretty flabbergastish encounter. We were on a reconnaissance mission checking out locations for an upcoming trip with 40 teenage lads to Wales and God gave us a pretty splendid sign of where we should be (read about it).

Methodist chapel from driveway
What? Did I hear someone say ‘Skunkworks’? Surely not…

After Kevin (the “man on the mountain”) gave my friend and I each a brew he suddenly remembered something- “Ooo, there’s something I want to show you, if you have time? It’s a place up the road I’ve got ideas for.”

Still in his jimjams he pulled on a pair of boots and we walked with him to a splendid old Methodist church on the mountainside, on sale for just £80,000.

Methodist chapel windowsHe told us all about it- quite run down but with massive potential. He has ideas to work with a few local groups in the community- putting on open days, green living classes, dance classes, that sort of thing. He’s put in a bid of £50,000 for the property on behalf of the agency that owns the hostel he runs and we’ll see what comes of it.

My friend and I left the visit buzzing- God had spoken to us through a random man wearing pyjamas on a mountain in a far flung corner of Wales, a man who doesn’t have much money but has plenty of vision.

A couple of weeks passed.

I called Kevin to book the hostel but he apologised as another group had booked the hostel in the meantime. Poodles. Kevin knew them quite well as they’d visited the hostel before so he rang them up to see if they could rearrange, but alas, they couldn’t.

I guess it was a lesson in not being complacent. When God clearly blasted a door open and said “GO!” we chilled out and left it for later. Sometimes a door God opens is on a strong spring so you gotta run at it before it slams. I should have said to Kevin on the spot “we’d like to book this place”. Of course, I’m sure we’ll be able to go there in future years as it’s a very good all round bunkhouse.

Anyhow, the place we’re going to now was our next stop on the recon trip, and I dare say it’s nearly as good- splendid scenery, great facilities and lots of space.

Live and learn, and run through any door God opens.



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