God Make Me Weak, God Give Me Lunch – The Enemy of God pt5

God loves to stack the odds against Himself and His people.

God loves to put all His eggs in one basket, and He asks us to do the same with Him- throw everything recklessly in to His kingdom. Faith is impossible without trust Faith is trust.

Think of Gideon’s army- God whittled them down from 32,000 to 300. That’s, like, 0.9% of their original number. He deliberately and openly thwarted their natural strength because He wanted to be their strength.

Then think of the incarnation- Almighty Creator Eternal made visible, touchable. And how does he choose to arrive on the scene? As a weak, naked baby, born to a couple of nobodies who soon become asylum seekers.

And ultimately, let’s consider the cross- just some middle eastern carpenter hung on a tree, at the very turning point of history. Again naked, weak, bruised and torn with a heart turned to wax (See Psalm 22, the prophetic poem Christ invoked as he died).

God’s moment of greatest victory is His moment of greatest weakness.

Triumphalists and people looking for an easy, self serving God will put that statement the other way around- “God will change your weaknesses, He will make your life lovely again.” And of course, they’re right in part- Jesus heals the broken.

But lean closer, here’s where it gets interesting.

God doesn’t simply succeed or help us succeed despite our weakness, he succeeds through weakness.

Why? In part, because that’s truly poetic and beautiful, and in part because God winning with and for us through weakness and suffering allows Him to change us fundamentally inside through it in a way nothing else can.

And maybe it’s also because God loves a challenge, He loves to rescue us. I’m sure God sometimes engineers adversity to throw His church back to Himself. God wants a people who don’t trust their natural strength but who work to be strongly-weak and dependent on Him.

As God has all the resources of the universe at His disposal but needs our willingness; He can do less with our resources than our empty, open hands. In fact, it’s possible for us to edge God out with organisational efficiency; we no longer need Him because the machine rolls along happily. But the machine is dead. God is not in the machine but out on the water, where we’re too weak to walk out of the boat without His authority, given through His call.

And walk we will, because He’s calling, and because that’s the only way to follow Jesus.

Let’s get back to a place where we need God, where we’d actually go hungry, poor, stuffed without His help. I’m not joking. Then watch Him show up and provide for us, redeem us and immeasurably bless us because that’s what He’s been longing to do for years.

Now let’s make it practical.

If we don’t learn to trust God in small, everyday things, how will we manage to trust Him with bigger things when He leads us into the risky place He’s pulling us with benevolent delight? How about not taking lunch (or lunch money) to work for one day every week, and asking God to get you some lunch?

Of course, it’s best not to tell anyone you’re doing it, that would be untrusting!

Just trust God and see what happens 🙂


What do you think?

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