Wow, what a weekend!

Wow, what a weekend!

On Saturday we had one of our community weekends. On usual community weekends those of us who live in my shared Christian community house invite a few friends over to stay and we spend the weekend doing stuff together as a church family- countryside walks, big breakfasts, bonfires, that sort of thing.

This weekend, however, we decided to do something together to build community outside of the walls of our shared house. We asked everyone who’s part of our house church (but not living in the house, sorry if that’s confusing!) if we could help them out for the day, do some work at their houses.

After juggling around places, vehicles and people we ended up mowing lawns, cleaning out houses and sheds, digging flowerbeds and cleaning ponds. All good fun.

Then came the main event on Sunday afternoon. Josh has been coming around to Anthem for about three months and has come alive in his faith in Jesus, it’s pretty amazing and refreshing to see. Naturally he wanted to be baptised.

Josh's baptism

As our Sunday evening meeting didn’t have any space for baptisms we crowded along the banks of a local river, just downstream from a water mill, to join in the celebrations.

About 120 of us turned up, at a guess. It was a beautiful time, even in spite of the rain.


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