Just Launched : Three Freetown Projects

I’ve just launched an online fundraising project for a couple of friends of mine, Joe and Simeon.

In November they’re off to Freetown, Sierra Leone for a couple of weeks to carry out three projects for local communities there. They’ll be working with friends of my church who work in the area.

This will include setting up a sewing school for the women of a refugee camp in an area called Grafton, many of whom have been displaced by war and some suffering from polio. Many of the women of this camp resort to prostitution to survive, so this sewing school will enable them to support themselves, an immensely positive thing.

The second project will be to provide teaching materials and equipment for a small school in Lungi.

And at the last project they’ll be setting up an enclosure and shelter for a small village farm to house 14 sheep and 14 goats, collecting runoff water from the roof in the rainy season.

Please take a minute or three to watch the short video above, take a look at the perks on offer for contributors on the Sierra Leone fundraising campaign page, then dig deep inside your bank account to support this brilliant project.

God bless.


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