Adventure #3 – A Cross And No Money

You can read adventures no 1 & 2 here if you missed them.

Last Friday 19 of us set off on a 2 day adventure carrying a 12ft cross across London from Brent Cross (see what we did there?) to Parliament Square & back, via a few hours sleep by a canal. We took no food and no money. We prayed for about 20 people, healed some & two joined us at different points.

1st highlight– a couple of guys joined us carrying the cross a fair distance, including Ollie (a floppy haired hippyish searcher with a guitar) who stayed with us for several hours and became one of the team. He was well touched by the Spirit just jamming with us and seeing us heal people & appreciated our unity.

2nd highlight– On the way to the city centre we popped in to a Baptist Church to worship and Ewan (the minister, late 20s) joined us. He played the piano to our songs and shared communion with us (bread donated by Ollie and wine by Ewan). Ollie was gently blown away by the Holy Spirit and wrote a poem. We prayed for and prophesied over Ewan, and one of us read out a scripture that he then said had been preached from at his ordination last week!

We tried to kip in Regents Park but after being circled by police cars several times with spotlights they moved us on (in a very friendly & apologetic manner). It was a hilarious experience as we pretended to all be asleep until they started talking to us. My lowlight was spending an hour or so walking around looking for somewhere else to kip. Ended up sleeping by a canal under a railway bridge, occasionally woken by the overhead thunderous rattle of early morning trains.

In addition to Ollie’s bread and biscuits we were given some strawberries, crackers and coffee but were starving and tired by the time we got home.

A few thoughts-

  1. We’re knackered. As we get in to more and more mission we need to cultivate a sabbath mindset- it’s good to do nothing for a day or so after going all out on mission for Jesus- don’t feel guilty about that. Otherwise we’ll burn out.
  2. Stick together and don’t be afraid to call people to join you- by far the best times were when we were moving as one group and we greeted people around us; people were much more open.
  3. Go out on a limb and do crazy risky things for God- He will be with you on every corner. Even the worst bits were worthwhile and even though Jews don’t particularly like people carrying a 12ft cross through Golders Green on a sabbath I’m sure God meant for us to be there- He just couldn’t find any other bunch crazy enough to do what we did. We had some friendly shalom-exchanging conversations with Jews.

Summary- tired but inspired. Parts were AMAZING, parts were downright rough, but it was all well worthwhile as God did some amazing things & I feel loads closer to all of the guys.


What do you think?

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