Last Night’s Cell Group – "Pass the Power" and "Masks"

I co-lead a group for teenagers every wednesday night. Last week we decided we could do with a sabbath rest so we lit the first fire of season in our lounge’s hearth, prayed, worshiped, listened and chatted.

This week saw a bit of a relaunch with eight of us at my house (two absent):

  1. We played fox and hounds (group hide and seek) with a twist:
    The hunting team had a whistle. When they blew it everyone on the hunted team had to move at least 20′. The whistle could only be blown twice in a game. It was called the ‘ants in yer pants superpower’ and meant things were kept active, rather than letting people just go to ground and hide for ages. We got through two rounds.
  2. A cake and hot chocolate interlude.
  3. In the office at home we played Pass the Power, which was the name I gave to a game I’ve read about where everyone stands in a circle holding hands and when you feel your right hand squeezed you squeeze the hand of the person on your left, so the hand squeezing goes round the circle in a wave, like an electric shock. We tried to see how fast we could “pass the power” and we ended up with quite a fast rhythm.
  4. I compared the invisible but tangible wave of power to the Holy Spirit and we prayed together, still holding hands. A couple of the lads asked for prayer.
  5. We watched this video:
  6. We went into the lounge and discussed the theme of masks (from the video) around the fire. More prayer and cake followed.

What do you think?

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