Smashed car

A Busy Sabbath

I’m glad I decided not to go to Peterborough last Sunday afternoon as we had a few unexpected visitors.

It started with a car crash on the A5 just outside our house when a car swerved away from oncoming traffic and hit the front end of a car waiting at the junction. The swerving car then hit the kerb, flipped on to its roof and embedded itself in the hedge bordering our field down a small slope. The woman in the passenger seat wasn’t wearing her seatbelt so was a little hurt but everyone got off quite lightly, all things considered.

Jack and Alex went to see if they could help and while watching an air ambulance take off they met our neighbours, who we rarely see. Jack, being a sociable chap, got chatting and asked to see our neighbour’s house and garden with them then invited them to pop over to ours.

When Jack came back and we were waiting for a visit from our neighbours our doorbell rang and a couple and their friend popped in. They were in the car that got hit while waiting at the junction and they received a warm welcome from us (I’m glad to say) and made good use of our phone, toilet, tea, cake and company.

Then two of our neighbours turned up; the father of the family and the second son of three. They spent a long time in conversation with a few of us and the son joined Jack and Josh for a jamming session. I’m not sure how musical he is but I’m sure he enjoyed it.

Later I gave the women involved in the crash a lift back home to Northampton and found out they’d both had contact with the Jesus Army in the past and thought well of us.

It was one of those afternoons when you set out to do nothing and end up doing a lot. It was a lot of the right stuff though, so I’m glad.


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