To the hundreds of friends, family and strangers who have given support, given encouragement, helped here and there in a myriad of ways small and great, or simply given us space over the last six weeks, thank you. Thank you doubly.

Totally grateful to be surrounded by such generous and compassionate folk.

The thanksgiving service was amazing; warm, informal, truly hearty and packed to the rafters. One of my cousins expected the roof to lift off with the volume of the singing.

I don’t think we find real life by trying to squeeze everything out of every opportunity offered by our years. Real life is found when we give. Sounds a little cheesy, I know.

Jesus voiced this truth in a similar way when he said “if you try to find your life you’ll lose it, but if you lose your life for my sake and the gospel, you’ll find it.” Listening to the grateful crowd at his thanksgiving service yesterday, singing with heartfelt gusto, I think my dad kinda proved Jesus right. My dad gave himself. He lived in a bit of an unusual way, giving his years to his friends, his brothers, his community of faith, and in so doing he found a life worth living. Jesus is that life, and that’s why he had neither fear nor regrets in death.

If anyone’s interested in the background music that was playing before the start of the thanksgiving service it’s this:

God is good.


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