Enjoying Being With People

Well I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this weekend.

Saturday was a beautiful day of rest. Did some gardening, joined in an impromptu prayer meeting (the lively and worshipful kind where God speaks clearly) then we finished the day with a decent evening meeting.

Lunch time
Saturday lunch

As for today, there was a mixup with who was supposed to be leading our morning meeting in the eastern district of Northampton so after half an hour of gutsy and free worship we pulled into a nearby car park and started offering folk free car washes. Others picked litter or swept around the community centre while some knocked on doors to ask if there was anything we could do for them: mow their lawns, get them some swings, whatever.


After lunch 10 of us headed off to Peterborough in a minibus to visit the Green Backyard, which I’ve written about before on this blog. Some of us hadn’t been before.


Lovely time relaxing with the folk there. We had a little sing-song while René did what he did best: taught willow weaving. While Fred weeded Alan and I got stuck right in to a compost bay turning it all over, Alan just wearing his crocs!

I was bare shattered all throughout the evening meeting but perked up back home at supper time. About 22 of us in the lounge (most but not all of those being residents) celebrated Pat’s birthday with cake & big laughter. I think koinonia is the word: a New Testament Greek word meaning participation in fellowship.

Generally speaking I love this life, living for Jesus is Christian community. Weekends like this one make it extra precious.


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