People Finding Jesus Again, Just Like It’s Supposed To Be!

Life is full of seasons, and at the moment in my church community we’re in one of those exciting seasons of blessing, of harvest. Stuff’s cracking off all over the place!

About seven weeks ago two lads turned up on our doorstep. One spoke for his friend: they were from a couple of local villages and his friend needed a roof over his head for a few days, could we help? As it goes the chap who needed help, 21-year-old Elliott, stayed at his friend’s house for a few days after that but eventually turned up again and started stopping over with us.

On a roadtrip

We found him to be very open, ready to get stuck in and thankful so we soon realised he was someone worth giving a chance. His honest questions about our way of life, faith and many big subjects came thicker and faster. Every now and then we’d see clues to his openness, whether it was teary eyes during a house church meeting, asking for prayer or his pointed questions. Someone gave him a copy of ‘Mere Christianity’ and he read it twice in one week! He became a tentative sort-of believer.

Three weeks ago he asked Simeon and I to pray with him for God to forgive him and to thank God for what He’d done in his life. What happened that evening was pretty incredible as he was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time. He said afterwards “I feel like a kid in a sweet shop; like I thought Haribo was all there was but now… look at all this!” It was the kind of God-happening that makes you pinch yourself and wonder if it’s really happening, seeming too good to be true at the time.

Around the bonfire

He’s with us now and doing brilliantly and really keen for more of God, organising a prayer meeting seemingly every over day! Last Sunday he decided he wanted to get a few lads together to pray together after supper that evening, so we picked a time and texted a few friends. At 10:30pm 16 guys turned up at our home from various house churches nearby and we crammed into our relatively small prayer room. What followed was a few engaging hours of prayer, worship and ministering to one another. It was such an engaged and alive atmosphere at a level I haven’t been in for a long time.

At one point someone spoke out a word of knowledge from God and one lad acknowledged it was for him, so we gathered around him to pay for him. What happened after that was pretty amazing, it was like one of those moments when God suddenly drops a Holy Spirit bombshell and the place erupts, the neighbours must have heard the noise! Needless to say this second lad, who’d long been wandering, was filled with the Holy Spirit too and is now taking about baptism, his life now being set on a very different course.

Supper time
Supper time

I get a sense in all this that this is just the start. When a group who are desperately hungry for God and up for Kingdom action get together to pray and go wherever God leads, it’s not going to just end at the door, is it? When we feel the first few drops of rain on a dry day we look up at the sky and wonder if more is on the way, maybe anticipating a deluge. These few happenings are like big drops of rain to anyone prophetic and tuned in to what God has up His Almighty Sleeves.

We’ve had quite a few semi-impromptu prayer meetings over the last few weeks. There’s a bit of a momentum building. All it takes is for a few hungry men to listen to the Spirit and get together deciding to get on board with what they hear Father’s doing.

There’s much more going on but I don’t have time to tell you about the other 3 young people around from Switzerland and Hungary and our trip to Norwich, that will have to do for today.

Thank you Jesus.


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