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People Are Purpose

Hello my lovelies.

This is a photojournal post so this isn’t going to be very heavily worded and philosophical, that was last week. However I have one thought to share.

Here’s a sweeping and highly prejudiced broad-brush statement: the act of blogging one’s life publically can encourage a certain narcissism, a constant ‘me’ tone of voice. That’s ironic considering that the reason I started this blog was to speak up for the power of brotherhood, a lifestyle of sharing, a very ‘we’ lifestyle. That still is our focus.

So I thought I’d post a little photo album as I don’t tend to feature in photos taken by me (spot the three exceptions). These photos are snapshots of all things ‘we’ from my life over the last three months. Enjoy.

Food fuels friendship
Wedding reception of two friends. They’ve moved in to our shared house in fact.
This photo was taken at another of our Church’s shared houses.
More food.
Making stuff together, like cakes…
…or chicken coops.
Arriving. Lots of friends and family on stage at a Church event
demonstrating the transformative power of brotherhood relationships
Soaking in the sunset
One of my favourite occupations- mucking around with a bonfire

Epic Weekend Report #1

Wow, what an epic weekend!

I disdain the overuse of the word ‘epic’, but this one was pretty special.

What I’m calling ‘the weekend’ actually started on Thursday with 450 of us at RAW (Real And Wild), a Christian youth event at Coventry Uni. We camped, we ate, we laughed and worshiped together and we went on mad outreach missions between downpours. During the evening events one moment there would be enough energy in the hall to rival a nuclear power station but the next you could hear a pin drop, if the floor hadn’t been carpeted.

What I really want to talk about is what a few of my older friends were up to at the curiously named Y-NOT music festival in the Peak District at the same time, but as it’s quite a long one you’ll have to wait until my next post later in the week for a few of the incredible stories that came out of that trip.

In the meantime here are a few photos from RAW

Anthem Community Weekend

We had a high time a couple of weekends ago, a frolicking jamboree.
It was Anthem’s ‘community weekend’ so we invited lots of friends to stay with us and took the opportunity to do stuff together. All in all the house hosted 30 with 11 visitors, including two families, one of whom we hadn’t met before. This was a family from Sri Lanka, friends of friends (who also stayed), and they were lovely to be with. The father of the family said that with other Churches in the past they’d seen supernatural stuff, miracles, people being healed etc but they’d always wondered if anyone in the world dared to live like the first Christians in Acts 2, sharing everything in common. We do community but want to see God’s miraculous power change lives too. We were all inspired.
Unfortunately I missed the fun until Saturday evening as I was at my cousin’s wedding but here are some photos from the weekend.
A walk in the woods on Saturday morning
A walk in the woods on Saturday morning
Back at home for a kickabout
Back at home for a kickabout
I can’t remember this bit but it looks fun
I can’t remember this bit but it looks fun
Meeting's over lads, stop singing!
Meeting’s over lads, stop singing!
We signed the sign as a sign of unity
We signed the sign as a sign of unity
The evening meeting goes outside with hot choc and some more worship songs
The evening meeting goes outside with hot choc and some more worship songs



Marquee Festival Aug 2011 – A Photojournal

I’ve just got back to work after a busy week at our Church’s marquee. It was the last of our thrice yearly Festival weekends – three days of heaven on earth (plus mud, wasps and a little stress).

I took a week off to help set up & de-rig the tent, which this time was a particular challenge for the team as the tent’s been widened, so the goalposts have moved a bit and everything is heavier.

The theme this weekend was ‘the brotherhood Church’, and for me, the tent team was my brotherhood. I enjoyed being with so many friends and came away from last weekend’s event very encouraged, and glad to be able to serve & worship such a God as we have.

Stitching complete, last adjustments made before pull-up
Our marquee reminds me of a ship, with masts, rigging & sails.
A ship sailing for a phosphorescent future.
Up go the flagpoles
Courtesy of Julie Doyle
Courtesy of Julie Doyle
Courtesy of Julie Doyle
Courtesy of Fabio Cunha
The lightning-fast derig begins
Just skin and bones, the tent finally awaits dismantling

You should join us sometime for a Jesus Army marquee festival.